Markets, sales & talks.

There are no markets scheduled until March, but I am speaking at Whitstable Horticultural Society on the 11th February on Houseplants and Air plants, so I will bring plants to sell there.

I am hoping to expand the amount of markets I do this year so I will keep you posted here.

While I propagate most of my houseplants, I buy in the airplants and grow them on. They come from the Netherlands, so it may be that there will be some changes in price and availability over the next 18 months or so.

In addition to this there are new regulations that came into effect last year about the documentation you need to pass on when you sell a plant. This was pushed for by GB, so it is likely that it will stay in effect when we leave the EU. It only applies to people who sell plants remotely, and as I only sell face-to-face it won’t affect me. However it does mean that the cost of selling online would be even more prohibitive, so it is unlikely that I will make a move in that direction for a while.

If you want to find out more there is plenty of detail here.

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Living in Kent, I am a qualified horticulturist, currently self-employed as a gardener Herne Bay & Whitstable areas; I sell houseplants and airplants at markets locally.

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