My plants are growing!

A lot of your tropical houseplants will have started into growth after Christmas. They may be encouraged by your central heating, or they may have been woken up by the minuscule increase in daylight hours.

Unfortunately, there is not quite enough light to sustain this growth well, so your job is to politely ignore them for a bit. Water as normal for winter, don’t repot, don’t take cuttings, don’t feed. This is one occasion when you know better than they do; we have to get through January, February and March still. Once we get to April you can start to repot, split, feed and take cuttings from your indoor plants. By April there is enough daylight for the photosynthesis needed for vigorous growth; without this there is the danger of disease and permanent damage.

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Living in Kent, I am a qualified horticulturist, currently self-employed as a gardener Herne Bay & Whitstable areas; I sell houseplants and airplants at markets locally.

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