# Urban Jungle Bloggers Desert Still Life

The October challenge from Urban Jungle Bloggers is a Desert Still Life. This worried me a bit, because being picky I initially wanted to make sure that the plants were all at least from the same continent, rather than just randomly selected xerophytes. But I gave up on this as being just a touch too challenging […]

#urbanjungle #plantselfie

  Urban Jungle is a global community of plant lovers started by Igor and Judith. As part of the Urban Jungle blog topic for September this is my #plantselfie. Go and check out the other blogs in the series – if you think indoor plants are dull or stuck in the 70s, they will change […]

What is a plant?

This is Sid. Sid is a pelargonium. He represents many aspects of planthood as Sid the individual plant and as Pelargonium sidoides. A taxonomic unit Pelargonium sidoides DC, is a single taxonomic unit in Kingdom Plantae. Pelargoniums are part of the Geraniales order which includes other families such as Melianthaceae and Francoaceae. They are in […]

Monstera deliciosa – life of a houseplant

This is my oldest houseplant – jokingly named Austin (as in Austin Morris a long-defunct British car manufacturer) – a Monstera deliciosa  purchased in Leicester Marks & Spencer in 1987, when I was in the last year of a degree in English and Politics. I had owned houseplants before, but I was not possessed of […]

Crithmum maritimum

Crithmum maritimum (or Samphire) is an easily recognised umbellifer found on the coast. The leaves are thick and semi-succulent and hard to the touch. What does it look like? Waxy grey-green foliage, the stems are green to dark pinkish, flowers yellowy-green. Not tall at around 20-40cm and clump-forming in habit. It is unique in being the […]

Peucedanum officinale

Peucedanum officinale (or Hog’s Fennel) is a large, conspicuous, herbaceous umbellifer. An umbellifer is a plant in the family Apiaceae where the flowers are arranged in umbels which helpfully resemble the spokes of an umbrella. It first becomes obvious to the passer-by in March-April, flowers in July-August and seeds from September onwards. It is difficult to […]