Garden services

Maintenance gardening in Herne Bay, Canterbury & Whitstable area.

I am a maintenance gardener; that means I weed, prune, trim and tidy. Planting, planning, watering and pests and diseases are also my thing! It is important to work regularly on a garden to get to know it and get it to look its best; I therefore visit weekly or fortnightly at a time that works for both of us. I also work through the winter because that is when most of the important jobs are done like rose and fruit tree pruning, planting and moving plants, cutting back and clearing.

Maintained by nature, not by me!

If you are nervous about having unfamiliar people around or not sure what you want,  I will pop round to talk it through with you before you make a commitment.  I work by myself and I genuinely enjoy making people feel better about their gardens.

Consultation – free

Rates from 1st October:

£22. 50 per hour.

I can accept payment by cash, Paypal, bank transfer or credit card (if you warn me in advance!).

Please note, I don’t do hard landscaping, and I can’t take material away. I am not a designer, but I can draw up ideas to help you decide what you want!

Fully insured with references. 

Email me 

Phone 0786 0537664. My answerphone is always on, so please leave a message and I will call you back.

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