Do you have a shop?


For air plants you can buy via my Etsy shop. I just don’t trust houseplants to the post, but you can come and choose plants from my stand at markets and events. I don’t bring everything to all events. If there is anything you particularly want, email me and I will do my best!


Do you have a nursery I can visit?


No, I grow my plants at home in a small greenhouse. It would be a bit of a squeeze!


Where do you source your plants?


90-95% of my houseplants are grown from cuttings of my own plants. I have over 100 plants in my home and more in the greenhouse! If I run low on some groups, like succulents, or the weather is causing things to grow too slowly, I will then buy in some plants. The Tillandsia are bought in, I am building up to being sustainable in these, but they are much slower to propagate than say, a spider plant.


Do you grow organically?


The short answer is no, the longer answer is that organic certification isn’t really set up to work with businesses like mine.  
I re-use and recycle what I can, bearing in mind the potential for pest & disease problems.
I try to grow using plants for which I have a rough idea of the provenance (where it came from before I had it), but this is virtually impossible when buying indoor plants.
I control pests and diseases using methods that are appropriate: considering that I need to bear in mind my welfare, that of my cat, the frogs, and birds that hang out in the garden and greenhouse. I keep use of pesticides, both organic and non-organic to a minimum. I also try not to kill things, but I fail.

Will you come and weed my garden?


If you live in or around Herne Bay, Whitstable or Canterbury I would love to come and look at your garden. Email or phone me to arrange a time.


Will you come and sort out my houseplants?


See above!


I live in the US/Canada/Australia/NZ, can I order from you?

I can’t send plants to these countries, so you can only buy digital products from me (leaflets). If you want to buy Tillandsia you should be able to find them easily in your home country.

I live in the EU, can I order from you?

While I can send plants to the EU, it is difficult to estimate how long the delivery will take and what condition the plants will be in when they arrive. Therefore I don’t send plants outside the UK, if you like Tillandsia you should be able to find them easily in your home country.


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