I grow and sell a range of easy-to-care-for houseplants at local markets. Most of these are grown from cuttings from my own plants. I buy in some plants, and I rescue or rehome some plants. I am hoping to return to some online selling in 2022.

I am moving towards peat-free compost for all my plants. In 2022 the plants I sell will be peat-free. The plants in my home and those that I propagate from will be a mixture. I am repotting them in peat-free mix as they need it.

I sell plants in second hand pots or biodegrable/compostable alternatives. These are likely to include compostable bags, cardboard pots, compostable pots.

In addition, my plants will become pesticide free for 2022. However, there are caveats with this! They will be less ‘perfect‘. They may still have pesticide residue from previous use, or from a previous grower. They will still have less pesticide present than the vast majority of houseplants available.

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