Plants at home

From March to November 2020 my home was to be open under the National Gardens Scheme, by appointment. Due to Coronavirus/CoVid 19 it isn’t possible to visit but you can see photos and videos.

You can also go on an audio tour with the lovely Jane Perrone who interviewed me for her On the Ledge podcast.


Or you can read about my plants in the Sunday Telegraph article by Francine Raymond with photos by Clara Molden (pdf).  The Sunday Telegraph – Sunday

photo copyright Sarah Cuttle 2020
photo copyright Sarah Cuttle 2020


Unless otherwise noted, photos are mine.

For further information on Sarah Cuttle and her work please see


What am I trying to do by opening my home? I am trying to show people that it is easy to grow a large amount of houseplants in a small house. It is not a home for plant snobs, I don’t endeavour to grow the incredibly rare or expensive. I care about plants and conservation; to me that means growing things well and conserving what we have. My houseplant obsession means growing, living with, and sharing plants.


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